Case Study

Status Tracker is an online tool for managing and tracking jobs and projects. Our case studies are a great way to get an insight in to how different industries are using Status Tracker to streamline their workflow.

Warden Call, Alarm & CCTV Company

This company has 5 staff who install, maintain and service warden call, alarm and CCTV systems. Before they started using Status Tracker they would manage their jobs and projects using a mix of spreadsheets, notepads and whiteboards.

They got to a point where they needed to change they way the managed things as having 5 engineers on the road was becoming increasingly hard to track with their existing methods.

Status Tracker quickly streamlined their operations by allowing them to add all of their jobs to the system and assign engineers to site visits and easily see the schedule on a calendar.

When onsite the engineers can use the mobile friendly website to log their hours, add site visit reports and get customer sign off. The office is immediately notified so they can quickly complete the job and get it invoiced.

Because they also offer maintenance and support contracts the historical data that the system provides means they can easily look up previous site visits and the tasks performed by the engineers which resolved the issues.If you would like to explore the Status Tracker system please visit our demo page to log in and have a look around, and to sign up for your free 30 day trial (no credit card required) please go to our registration page.